Project idea 

Salad – the main dish (serving – from  400g), high quality product, express delivery

Market analysis 

Healthy nutrition and healthy way of life as a trend. Direct competitor in the city of Dniper - Salateira

Competition advantages

  • Restaurant dishes (expensive, high-quality, containing natural ingredients only, special recipes)
  • Own delivery service 

Business model


Mainly women of  25 - 44 age group, middle and upper class

Sale channels

Website, social nets 

Income sources 

Ready product sale 

Key resources 

Leased premises, equipped kitchen, personnel, accounting and audit system, marketing instruments 

Types of activity 

Ready product production and delivery

Expenses structure

  • Production cost 
  • Wages fund
  • Premises lease
  • Municipal services
  • Marketing
  • Household needs 


Amount of investments 50 000 $

Min investment 50 000 $

Income for the year 145 000 $

Payback 2 years



Implementation of investments

Within 4 months since the project launch

Period of investment return

2 years


The staff includes 2 co-founders, 2 administrators-packers, 5 chefs, 1 maid, 6 couriers

Investment offer

Terms are discussed individually