Idea of the project

Proposed project of the mentioned complex construction is an innovative idea which considers all the latest European practices. We apply only the best technologies in work with herd

A land plot with the area 6,1 ha is reserved to implement the project. The area allows placing all the necessary constructions. Expert estimation proved the plot to meet all the biosafety and bio-protection requirements. According to the legislation of Ukraine, there are no populated areas or other household buildings within 3 km radius. The plot is located in Starokostiantynivka district, Kmelnytskyi region, territory of Kapustynskyi village council

Market analysis 

Nowadays the business of piglets growing is in demand in Ukraine. Our company’s experience in this sphere demonstrated positive dynamics in investments raising to develop the branch. According to statistics data, there were 19,7 mln of animal units till 1991 in Ukraine. During past 27 years the number decreased to 6,2 mln. having resulted in meat deficit in the domestic market of Ukraine. Today there is a lack of marketable piglets as a material for pig-growing farms specialized in butchering. 90% of such producers do not have their own multiplication farms to grow marketable piglets. Experts in the sphere of agriculture say that Ukraine needs nearly 20 years to reach the figures of year 1991. Thus, this business is not only profitable but also quite perspective

Competition advantages 

  • Our company manages the full cycle of this business: projecting, development, building, launching and further operation of the ready farm
  • 8 years of experience in this business
  • Long-term contracts were  concluded with all the farms round Ukraine concerning our product realization 

Business model


Piggeries and feed-lot farms 

Value offer 

Construction of modern advanced complex – multiplication farm with 2 000 breeding sows to grow marketable piglets according to European technologies 

Sales channels 

Concluded long-term contracts with feed-lot farms around Ukraine for product supply 

Relations with clients 

Honest relations only 

Income sources 

Sale of ready product, further income from energy production after construction and launch of biogas complex. 

Key resources 

Bio-genetic material, breed sows, feeding stuff 

Types of activity 

Reproductive animal farming 

Major partners

  • Strategic investor 
  • Feed-lot farms 

Expenses structure

  • Genetic material purchase 
  • Feeding stuff purchase 
  • Electricity 


Amount of investments 7 300 000 $

Min investment 4 000 000 $

Income for the year 3 700 000 $

Payback 2.2 years



Investments implementation 

Financing is gradually needed, after filing a work completion report for each stage. Construction period and genetic material obtaining – 2 years  

Investment return period 

2,2 years 


Our staff did the training at European companies. The project manager completed several trainings in Europe as well, and has 20 years of experience in different branches of agricultural business. A similar reproduction farm is already constructed by us and brings the profit to the investor. We are knowledgeable about all the stages of the project realization

Investment offer 

Income distribution:

Before return of investor’s investment: 100% of the income will be obtained by investor, 0% will be obtained by the Partner. After investor’s investment return: 70% of the income will be obtained by investor, 30% will be obtained by the Partner