Idea of the project

To make up for shortfall of real wine as well as wine produced out of other berries and fruit such as acacia blossom, rose, raspberry, strawberry, citrus, etc.

Market analysis 

The mentioned product is hardly represented at the market thus causing a huge demand

Competition advantages 

Low competition 

Business model 


Adults, 18 + 

Value offer 

The need of ecologically safe products is constantly growing 

Sale channels 

The primary stage presupposes production realization to the network cafes, shops, restaurants. Apart from that, the project presupposes creation of own shopping units 

Relations with clients 

Major clients group will fancy trying and consuming these products 

Income sources 

Major income source – sale of the product 

Key resources

  • Wine is produced from the own grown berries and those bought in the shops or at market 
  • Further expansion of own grown fruit and berries is planned 

Types of activity 

Production and sale of own product 

Major partners 

Private entrepreneurs 


Amount of investments 1 950 000 ₴

Min investment 975 000 ₴

Income for the year 2 928 000 ₴

Payback 3 years



Implementation of investments 

General launch investments make up 1 985 900 UAH., 130 900 UAH. Of which cover capital costs, the rest covers the expenditures for wine production during the year  

Return on investment period 

3 years 


Not formed, planned staff: director, technologist, sales manager, workers, cleaner, security, accountant. 

Investment offer 

35% of the income