Project Idea

Development of CNC devices in Ukraine

Market Analysis

Market of Ukraine on CNC devices makes up 3%

Competitive Advantages

The analogues in Ukraine are job lot production and cheap Chinese units  

Business Model 


Private customers and enterprises 

Value offer

  • First group is housing engraving machines  of 5 W, 15 W, СО2 engraving machines 40,60,80,100 W for advertisement and plywood cutting
  • Second group is industrial engraving machines from  1 kW for metal cutting  

Sales channels

At the moment – OLX advertising website service 

Relationships with clients

  • Clients support 24/7
  • Warranty service 
  • Option of payment by installment  

Sources of income

  • Accessories assembling 
  • Private order on processing
  • Re-sale of accessories 

Key resources


Types of activity 

Production and sale

Cost structure

  • Premises
  • Purchase of instruments and accessories 


Amount of investments 10 000 $

Min investment 10 000 $

Income for the year 20 000 $

Payback up to 0.5 years



Implementation of investments 

45-60 days

Investments return period 

Up to 0,5 year


Not formed, 2 persons are needed for the 1st year 

Offer to Investor 

Prior to covering investment package - 75% is obtained by investor, 25% - by a partner, after covering - 50% is obtained by investor and 50% - by a partner