Project Idea

An increase in the number of machines produced will allow beating off competition and enter new markets

Market Analysis

In the European and Russian markets, analogues are much more expensive; entering the African market will significantly increase sales

Competitive Advantages

  • Highly accurate machines
  • Modern technical level
  • Low price

Business Model 


Small and medium-sized business

Value proposition 

Production of modern CNC machines, providing customers with service, customer training, entering new markets

Sales channels

Trading platforms, distributors, chambers of commerce, embassies, international exhibitions

Relationships with clients

Consultations, warranty and post-warranty services


Production, training, services

Sources of income

  • Machine Sales
  • Paid training of machine operators
  • Sale of subscription for post-warranty service

Key resources

  • Ukrainian raw materials
  • Imported component parts


Operating costs is not more than 70% of the cost


Amount of investments 500 000 $

Min investment 200 000 $

Income for the year 250 000 $

Payback 2 years



Investment Development Schedule

1.5-2 years

Payback Period

2 years


45 highly qualified specialists, including managers, designers, constructors, welders, operators, electronic engineers, programmers, accountants. Owing to them, the output of machines is 20 pieces per month

Offer to an Investor

In the first year, the income is 10% of the amount of investments, according to the results of 2 years the income will be 16% per annum