Project Idea

Construction of two-story warehouses through reconstruction of the fuel oil warehouse. The first option is that we build all 14 buildings and sell for 250 000 UAH each. The second option is that we build one, and then perform construction work to those, who pay.

To implement the project, we have:

  • City-planning conditions
  • Preliminary design
  • Lease agreement, where the land is communal property for 10 years with the possibility of prolongation
  • Electricity of 100 kW

Market Analysis

Warehouses in this region and in this place will be used as garages 6*4 with a total area of 48 m2. There is a parking lot, convenient interchange, markets, and buses to the center

Competitive Advantages

The absence of garages of such a kind

Business Model 


City dwellers 

Key resources

Premises which are private property


Construction of non-residential buildings and their sale

Sources of income

Sale of finished premises

Main partners



The main costs will be the purchase of construction materials and remuneration 


Amount of investments 250 000 ₴

Min investment 250 000 ₴

Income for the year 0 ₴

Payback -


Is not created

Offer to an Investor

You invest 250 000 UAH and receive 400 000 UAH