Project Idea

Sport betting – investments in sport events based on the advantage over book-makers as a result of deep and accurate analysis and insider’s information

Market analysis

There are a lot of gambling people who provide book-makers with a job. We create system, in which book-makers share their profit with us.  This is a result of well-thought investment strategy and insider’s information which brings a high stable profit

Functioning principles are equivalent to those at brokers’ board: they purchase undervalued assets, we are purchasing undervalued probability.  This gives possibility to “jump over” book-makers’ profit and have a stable long-term profit

Competitive advantages

  • Well-established business operating for several years already
  • High profitability
  • High circulation of the capital
  • Balanced strategy
  • Optimization of risks
  • High mobility of business
  • Independence from external factors (economical, political , etc)

Business model 

Value offer 

Cooperation with cappers, with ROI not less than 20% at a long-term period (not less than 150 bets) to minimize the chance of negative profit.  Advantage is given to those cappers who are specialized in any type of sport/league.

Income sources

Personal profit interest

Key resources

  • Circulation capital
  • Cappers

Types of activity 

Accessorial services (bets)

Main partners 


Cost structure

On a request of potential investor


Amount of investments 200 000 $

Min investment 10 000 $

Income for the year 400 000 $

Payback 0,08 years

Annual income 

200-250% of capital



Offer to investor

  • Guaranteed monthly profit - 4-8% of invested capital
  • Profit  50/50

Investment period

Start from 6 months

Withdrawal of money 

5 bank days