Project Idea

Assistance in developing a business on the Internet that includes creating a website, applications for Google and Apple devices, popularizing on the Internet, promoting the main target requests (goods, services) for search engines (SEO) and social networks (SMM), turnkey website development starting with the name and design and to the top places when searching

Market Analysis

Currently it is relevant in all areas of business

Competitive Advantages

  • Work experience in the field for more than three years
  • Support for the development of business on the Internet at all its stages
  •  Available for the customer at a convenient time
  • Readiness to invest your own time in the development of the company in unlimited quantities
  • Understanding the full project cycle

Business Model 


Customers who want to have their own business and understand the importance of being online 24/7 for their customers

Sales channels

Information about the company's services on social networks, website promotion, posts on freelance marketplaces, commercial offers according to the analysis of the activities of potential customers

Key resources

Advertising of company services to increase sales channels


  • Computer programming
  • Repair of computers and peripheral equipment
  •  Informational support
  • Data processing, posting information on websites and related activities
  • Other activities in the field of information technology and computer systems

Sources of income

Services provided by the company on a regular basis 

Main partners



  •  Advertising to increase sales channels
  • New jobs opportunities as a result of an increase in the number of customers
  •  Purchase of computer equipment
  • Lease of premises 


Amount of investments 2 000 000 ₴

Min investment 1 000 000 ₴

Income for the year 2 500 000 ₴

Payback 2 years

Investment Development Schedule

  • the 1st month -15%
  • the 2-12st months - 7.7% monthly

Payback Period

2 years


Currently there are 2 web frontend developers, a web-designer, a SEO-specialist, and a backend developer

Offer to an Investor

We will take the loan and at the end of the contract we will provide 10% of constant profit. Ready to discuss cooperation on other terms